A Space of Ideas

I do research in the fields of leadership and sociology of work and organizations, from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective. I am also very interested in higher education policy and management.


In top refereed journals indexed on the Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index)


Abreu Pederzini, G. & Suarez Barraza, M. (2019 online, in print forthcoming). Just Let Us Be: Domination, the Postcolonial Condition and the Global Field of Business Schools. https://doi.org/10.5465/amle.2018.0116

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Abreu Pederzini, G. (2018). Neoliberal Awakenings: A Case Study of University Leaders’ Competitive Advantage Sensemaking. Higher Education Policy. 31(3), pp. 405-422. https://doi.org/10.1057/s41307-017-0066-4.


In leading refereed journals indexed on the Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index)


Abreu Pederzini, G. (2017). The Senior Management Sensemaking Paradox. Journal of Strategy and Management. 10(3), pp. 360-371.  https://doi.org/10.1108/JSMA-01-2016-0007.

Abreu Pederzini, G. (2016). Responding to Regulatory Jolts in the English Higher Education Sector. (4), pp. 316-332http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13583883.2016.1233452.

Abreu Pederzini, G. (2016). Strategic Management Cultures: Historical Connections with Science. (2), pp. 214-235.http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/JMH-12-2015-0212.



In commercial/practitioner-oriented journals

Abreu Pederzini, G. (2019). Managerial learning challenges in a complex world. Journal of Work Applied Management, 11(1), pp. 17-29.  https://doi.org/10.1108/JWAM-04-2018-0009

Abreu Pederzini, G. (2019). From the Natural Self-Orgnization of Religion to the Modern Magical Realism of the Religious Experience. (1), pp. 66-80. Available at: http://www.academicus.edu.al/nr20/Academicus-MMXIX-20-066-080.pdf

Abreu Pederzini, G. (2016). What is strategy in universities during turblulent times? TOR: Journal of the Southwest Doctoral Training Centre, 1(2), pp. 14-20.  Avaliable at: http://www.swdtc.ac.uk/media/universityofexeter/swdtc/documents/studentjournal/TOR_Issue_2_Feb_2016_FINAL.pdf


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Abreu Pederzini, G. (2012b). Educación que Transforma (Education that Transforms). uniDIVERSIDAD, 8. Available at: https://issuu.com/uni-diversidad/docs/unidiversidad_8_mayo_2013.



Book Chapters

Abreu Pederzini, G. (in press). Magically Horrific: Caring Leadership and the Paradoxical Evolution of Parenthood. In: Tomkins L. (ed.), Paradoxes of Leadership and Care: Critical and Philosophical Reflections. Edward Elgar Publishing: London.

Abreu Pederzini, G. (in press). Leadership and Big History. In Abreu Pederzini, G. (ed.), Considering Leadership Anew. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle.

Abreu Pederzini, G. (2018). Yiannis Gabriel and the Magical Realism of Caring Leadership. In Hope-Hailey, V. (ed.), Yiannis Gabriel Festschrift. University of Bath Print: Bath.


Edited Collections

I edited for Cambridge Scholars Publishing the book Considering Leadership Anew, comprising 10 chapters from different authors from around the globe. The book is currently in press and will be published in 2020:

            Abreu Pederzini, G. (ed.) (2020). Considering Leadership Anew. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle.